I believe that hair has great social significance for us, and healthy hair indicates health and youth. It is like a picture frame that crops a photo which is your face! Your healthy hair starts with me by applying my knowledge of proper hair care and putting theories into practice. As a cosmetology major, I discovered that hair not only needs a proportionate balance of moisture and protein to prevent breakage and continue to grow, but also the right products and tools used to make it more manageable.

I have grown to favor the Schwartskopf & Moroccan Oil lines of professional products. They both combine the beauty in which you want to see everyday in your hair as well as the scientific side in which I employ to keep your hair healthy, strong and growing. I use professional sophisticated color and products to give you the best look that fits your face and style.

Education: I believe that education is the way to success in the hair fashion industry, it does not only shape my knowledge but also grows my artistry skills. Being a color-educator gives me the advantage to be able to link theory with practice. The education I obtained in Aveda Institution has expanded my experience in hair-coloring.
Traveling and participating in several events, such as Stylist Choice Award, America's Beauty Show and International Beauty Show, have added a wide array of skills to my portfolio

I have no doubt that education, artistry and the right tools and products should blend together to give you the hairlook you desire.

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